Expand into new markets faster and with less effort.

LIRN offers vendors a unique opportunity to reach out to private colleges and universities and expand the market for your content without making a significant investment in their sales and billing staff that would normally be required.

We build relationships that support your business.

We work with colleges, universities, trade schools, as well as licensing and accrediting agencies and school consultants. We work with schools of all sizes and at different points in their lifecycle: from the firmly established university to the small, private institution transitioning from licensed to accredited. We even work with potential members who are not yet licensed to operate as a school.

These relationships help our content vendors reach more schools with less investment of time and travel. We exhibit at state, regional, and national associations; licensing; and accreditation events nationwide, reaching hundreds of schools across the nation. We can introduce your content to more schools more efficiently and within the context of a complete content subscription solution.

LIRN takes the load off your support team.

Because LIRN operates the access infrastructure for the majority of our members, we save a significant support load from your organization. Instead of communicating with a hundred individual schools, all asking the same question or sharing the same issue, LIRN’s support organization communicates with you directly and applies the fix to all of our members.

Single invoicing is a win-win for all.

LIRN offers single invoicing in both directions. It just makes sense. Members can approve a single quote and invoice, which can streamline ordering and the renewal process.

Vendors like you can roll up all their orders into a single transaction. You only have one entity to bill, and LIRN handles the individual member transactions.

Partner with LIRN and reach more schools.

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