We learn by asking questions.

A question is the first step toward a new learning opportunity. We curate the most common questions our members ask, so you can learn from our entire community.


We also have several documents available that break down the process into easy to follow steps:

LIRN’s platform can integrate with any LMS platform that supports the LTI standard. To receive information about how to setup LTI with your LMS, please email support@lirn.net the LMS that you are using (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc) and the hostname that your LMS uses (e.g. university.instructure.com), and we will send step-by-step instructions to make setup a quick and painless process. If you have any questions or run into any issues, we are here to help you get setup.

Please check with your library or learning resource center for these credentials. LIRN will not release login information to students, but if you mail support@lirn.net, we will send you the contact information of someone at your institution who will be able to help you.

LIRN has created a document to help members access the COUNTER reports from the vendors:

If you have additional questions or need help accessing the vendor reports, please contact support@lirn.net

LIRN has produced a document which outlines how to obtain title lists directly from the vendors.

IPEDS has outlined a procedure to report usage for a shared resource. This procedure is outlined in the following document.

Since LIRN maintains the access systems for the majority of our members, many times we can diagnose and resolve the issues directly without needing to escalate to the vendor for support. If we do need to escalate an issue to the vendor, we can manage the support case and let you know when the problem has been resolved.

To help diagnose the problem that you are running into, please email billing@lirn.net. Please include a screenshot, the contents of the location bar in your browser, and the time and date that the problem occurred. Please note: if you copy and paste the screen shot into a Word document, it often becomes unreadable, so attaching the screen shot image directly to the email is preferred.


LIRN’s annual membership fee is $1,000 per year, and provides you with:

For out more about becoming a LIRN member.

Most of LIRN’s subscription resources are priced based on the number of enrolled students at your institution. When submitting the subscriptions to our vendors, they expect us to use the enrollment numbers as reported to the IPEDS Data Center each year.

For members who do not report to IPEDS, the vendors ask for a letter from the institution’s registrar or bursar confirming the enrolled students using the same methodologies used to complete the IPEDS report: the unduplicated count of students enrolled for the 3 month period of August 1st through October 31st.

LIRN has no paper contracts.

Proof of LIRN membership and subscription to online resources is your latest quote, invoice, and paid receipt. Mail support@lirn.net and we can send all of them to you in a single document.

LIRN’s Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of every quote document that is sent, as well as on our website.

LIRN accepts online credit card payments (maximum transaction limits may apply), ACH/eCheck, and physical checks.

If your order qualifies for credit card payment, you will see a Pay Invoice Now button on your invoice.

If you wish to pay via ACH/eCheck, please call the LIRN office at (727) 536-0214 to make arrangements for payment.

If you need to pay via physical check, please remit payment to:

Library and Information Resources Network
PO Box 4755
Clearwater, FL 33758
+1 (727) 536-0214