A full-service library partner for your clients.

From database subscriptions, experienced librarian staff, to accreditation support, we work with your client schools to develop the content packages, tools, and services they need.

We can help build a strong library for your client.

It's no small job — helping a school hire the right staff, develop appropriate and relevant programs, and build a library that can support the school's education objectives. That's where we come in.

We work with you to build a content subscription package that meets the needs of your school's faculty, administration, and students. Our technical solutions and librarian services facilitate more effective, independent research and promote greater search literacy and critical thinking.

Licensing and accreditation is tough; don't go it alone.

You know the ins and outs of licensing and accreditation. The application process is rigorous and the stakes are high. We can help your clients’ schools meet the standards, providing the library resources and services needed.

Make those 5-inch binders filled with documentation a little less stressful, by referring your clients to LIRN. We will help them select appropriate resources and the skills and tools to use them.

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Make LIRN a part of your client success portfolio.

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