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Education licensing isn't one-size-fits-all. Each state has its own licensing requirements schools must meet. We help schools identify and meet yours.

LIRN Content Subscriptions

Our extensive list of content vendors includes the most trusted names in reference, academic and trade educational materials.

LIRN Services

Many licensing agencies require proof of credentials that qualify the school's faculty members to teach their assigned courses. The same is true of having trained, professional librarians on staff. When schools subscribe to LIRN’s Librarian Service it helps them meet this need with qualified librarians who have graduated from ALA-accredited programs.

Our LIRNProxy platform helps to ensure that schools meet access requirements for online and blended programs as well.

You’re working to ensure that students in your state have access to high-quality higher education. The content that LIRN offers allows schools to build a robust library of both general education and program-specific content so they can demonstrate to the licensing agency that the school has adequate resources available for their programs, and LIRNProxy provides access to those resources for the students.

Licensing Standards

We have worked with schools across the country to help them meet their state's licensing requirements for library content and services. Our experience helps us evaluate what various entities will consider adequate. We help schools determine the right direction for their application, so that when it is reviewed it has a higher probability of being accepted.

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