Put the library to work for you.

The library is no longer a disconnected piece of your students' education. With the right digital library tools, you can build library materials right into your curriculum, and your students can find and access the resources they need swiftly and easily.

The resources you need, all in one place.

Our content subscriptions can provide your school's library with books, articles, videos and other resources to support your students in their academic research. Our Librarian Service can help you make the most of these resources by collaborating with your faculty to identify supplemental resources and working with your students to develop advanced research skills.

Integrates with your Learning Management System.

LIRNProxy integrates seamlessly with your Learning Management System (LMS) to bring library content directly into your courses. No usernames and passwords to distribute, or remember. Students can easily access readings from digital books, peer-reviewed journals, and other publications.

Our integrated LIRNsearch allows your students to search multiple databases at once, so that they can spend more time focussing on the great resources they find and less time hunting for information.

school faculty member working with students in a library

More than a provider; we're your partner in learning.

Our exclusive services include research assistance, professional development training, advice on developing assignments, course pages, and library collections, and help with library usage analysis.

  • Content packages built from dozens of reputable research databases.
  • Supportive tools, guides, and training help you make the most of our products.
  • Consortium negotiating power means your school gets more value in your budget.

We're ready to help your students get to work.

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