Strengthening libraries for successful learning.

We empower schools to successfully educate your students by providing affordable access to quality academic resources and providing the tools and expertise needed to use them.

Our origin story.

LIRN is a nonprofit library service and content provider working to strengthen libraries for successful learning — so students can thrive in their academic careers and beyond.

Historically, public colleges and universities were able to take advantage of state contracts to purchase resources together, but no facility existed to aid private schools to do the same. We founded LIRN in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Florida to support private education and fill that academic resources gap.

Like any good tale, word spread and we grew.

Today, LIRN serves over 300 schools in 43 states, 4 territories, and 7 nations:

  • negotiating volume pricing discounts
  • providing IT infrastructure for access to the licensed content
  • offering technical support to ensure that subscriptions are working the way they should
  • providing credentialed librarians to supplement or serve as librarian staff

We offer our members unrivaled value for resources, a team of caring library experts, and future-focused technology services.

We believe that all libraries deserve access to the technology and resources that enrich schools and empower students, regardless of size or budget. Whether you’re just beginning to build your school’s library, or whether you need an easy way to supplement existing resources—we’re here to help you create a future-ready learning experience.

GuideStar 2019 Platinum seal of transparency Our organization is proud to be a GuideStar Platinum Nonprofit Profile participant. Platinum lets us show quantitative metrics on the progress we’re making toward our mission and helps us share our full and complete story with the world.

Let us transform your library into a launchpad for success.

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