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Do you have additional online resources that you would like to make available to your off-campus students? Do you want to enable your students to complete their research outside normal library hours?

A LIRN® hosted proxy can provide an affordable way to get the expanded access you need for your students to your online databases, without placing an additional demand on your IT staff.

A LIRN® hosted proxy runs on a dedicated virtual server and includes a unique IP address and a customer specific server name in the domain. Each proxy server supports SSL security for user authentication and for database products that require HTTPS connections. The LIRN® technical staff will do the implementation, manage the server and product configurations, and provide support and maintenance.

LIRN® 2012-2013 Hosted Proxy Pricing
  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Custom
Recurring Annual Cost $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 Contact Us
Proxy Configuration Stanzas up to 30 up to 50 up to 70 over 70
Dedicated Virtual Server yes yes yes yes
Dedicated IP Address yes yes yes yes
Custom Branding yes yes yes yes
SSL Certificate yes yes yes yes
Usage Reports yes yes yes yes
Site-Specific Authentication yes yes yes yes
Caching Support yes yes yes yes
One-time Implementation starting at $500 starting at $500 starting at $500 starting at $500

There is an annual tier-based fee for the service, a one time implementation charge, and a one time proxy license fee. The annual pricing depends on the number of product connections to be managed and the complexity of the implementation, including how your users will be authenticated to the proxy. Authentication can be as simple as a referring url if you have a login protected student portal or learning management system. Other options include using the internal proxy authentication with a file of user names and passwords or authentication through a library system or your campus network login system.

The minimum charge for a simple configuration and authentication is $500. Additional charges may apply depending on the complexity of the proxy configuration and authentication. We will assess each potential customer's situation during an exploratory conference call to determine the appropriate tier and set up charges prior to issuing a formal quote.

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