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Employers report that many college graduates enter the job market with only basic research skills, tending to opt for quick searches over comprehensive research strategies (Head).

As part of LIRN’s mission to serve private education, we want to train students to effectively use subscription databases and the open web.

Through our Consortium Librarian Service, professional librarians at LIRN can collaborate with your faculty and connect with your students to ensure that they get the research assistance and information literacy instruction they need to enter the workplace with a complex understanding of information resources and search strategies.


Research Assistance
Students at subscribing schools can contact their LIRN Consortium Librarian via email for any level of research assistance. Depending on the request, the librarian may follow-up with a conversation via phone and/or screen-share.
Student & Faculty Training
LIRN can provide class webinars and video instruction geared to specific subject areas, courses, and projects.
Faculty Collaboration
For faculty and staff, LIRN Consortium Librarians can provide research assistance; professional development training; advice on developing assignments, course pages, and library collections; and help with library usage analysis.
Professional Development
Your LIRN Consortium Librarian can provide your school community with professional development opportunities to help expand information literacy and promote library resources on your campus. We can provide certificates to document your training.
Effectiveness Review and Accreditation
Your LIRN Consortium Librarian can help you analyze your school’s library services, resources, and database usage to help you assess your library program’s effectiveness as part of your school’s continuous growth process. Site visits can be arranged for accreditation and other purposes depending on your needs.


Manage Your Costs
Control your budget by determining personnel costs in advance. You can use our Consortium Librarian Services to provide your sole campus librarian or to supplement your existing library staff for significantly less than the cost of a full-time, on-campus librarian.
Provide Your School Community with Experts
LIRN Consortium Librarians have degrees in Library and Information Studies from ALA-accredited Master's Programs and experience working with students and faculty in a variety of subject areas.
LIRN Librarians are experts in searching LIRN online library databases as well as many other resources. We can help your students to develop appropriate level research skills and navigate complex online resources and work with faculty to do this in the context of class assignments.
Provide Your Faculty with Professional Development Training
We can provide customized training to help your faculty develop advanced research skills and strategies for incorporating library resources into your curriculum, learning management systems, and online portals.
Provide Analysis of Your Library Program
We can help you analyze your school’s library services, resources, and database usage to help guide your decisions about your library program and provide information for your accreditation activities.

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LIRN Consortium Librarian Services do not include access to LIRN subscription databases. Please let us know if you would like more information about subscribing to these online resources.

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