Building information literacy.

Many college graduates enter the job market with only basic research skills, favoring quick searches over comprehensive research strategies. Together, we can grow the skills that students need to excel in their careers. Our librarians can collaborate with your faculty and connect with your students to ensure that they get the research assistance and information literacy instruction they need to enter the workplace with a complex understanding of knowledge resources and search strategies.

LIRN Librarian Services

Student & Faculty Webinars

Webinars and video instruction geared to specific subject areas, courses, and projects.

Research Assistance

Students can contact their LIRN Librarian for any level of research assistance.

Faculty Collaboration

LIRN Librarians can advise faculty on developing assignments, course pages, and incorporating library content into the curriculum.

Professional Development

Offer your school community opportunities to help expand information literacy and promote library resources on your campus. We can provide webinars to develop your skills and certificates to help you document your continuing education.

Effectiveness Review and Accreditation

A LIRN Librarian can help analyze library services, resources, and database usage to help you assess your library program’s effectiveness. Virtual site visits can be arranged for accreditation and other purposes depending on your needs.

Leverage engaged, experienced librarians.

Our librarians have masters’ degrees from programs accredited by the American Library Association and high levels of engagement in the profession. They participate in regular professional development activities and attend national, regional, and state events to stay informed with the latest information and best practices in the field.

Our goal is to bring best practices and innovative approaches in research and information literacy to the schools we work with so that your students enter their career fields as informed and resourceful employees. Our librarians work with a wide range of schools and accrediting agencies, giving them a unique platform to aid schools in adopting effective methods of instruction in the areas of research and information literacy.

Webinars, collaboration, and one-on-one assistance.

We start every member on the right path with instructional videos, resource overviews, and hands-on webinars.  Our librarians can collaborate with your faculty to develop research assignments and identify the best resources to help your students experience success and improve their skills. Students can request help through a user-friendly pop-up question form on the LIRNPortal. From there, one of our librarians can provide assistance via email, phone call, or screen-share depending on the complexity of their need.

administrator getting assistance through LIRN librarian services at home

Together we tell the story of your school's library.

Partner with us to provide your students with regular library instruction and incorporate the library into your curriculum.

We can help you collect database usage information and student feedback to show your accreditors the important role your library plays and how we work with you to continuously improve your programs.

Provide your school community with experienced library professionals.

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