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Films on Demand: Master Academic Collection


Aside from fieldwork, a strong collection of anthropology videos is the best way to give students the opportunity to observe people and cultures from around the world. The hundreds of titles in this collection reveal the vast diversity of humankind—with equal emphasis on traditional cultures and the effect that modernity has on them today.

Archival Films & Newsreels

Throughout modern history, cameras have recorded public events, wars, cultural phenomena, and government programs. This collection is a treasure trove of archival and historical films from multiple sources.

Area Studies

This large collection contains critically acclaimed documentaries and feature programming on some of the world’s fastest-growing countries, such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil, as well as major regions including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and more.

Art & Architecture

This vibrant selection of documentaries, interviews, biographies, and how-to videos spans the visual arts—from sculpture, painting, and photography to history, theory, criticism, and appreciation—with enough range to suit the needs of both basic and advanced courses.


From the fundamentals of cell division to the complexities of epigenetics, the vast field of biology is covered by this extensive collection of documentaries, educational videos, presentations, and interviews. Cells, genetics, and evolution. Human anatomy and physiology. Ecological diversity and change.

Business & Economics

Economic theory, basic business education, accounting and finance fundamentals, business ethics and law, management and marketing—it’s all here, in depth.


This collection covers both basic and advanced techniques of communicating across multiple mediums and varied settings. Instructional videos, documentary films, and expert presentations cover advertising, digital media, film, journalism, interpersonal communication, and more.

Criminial Justice & Law

With several hundred titles spanning criminal investigation, legal studies, criminology, and the justice system, this collection covers the basics and also digs deep into the intricacies of topics such as forensic science, homeland security, police training, the criminal mind, juvenile justice, cybercrime, human rights, and more.

Earth Science

The Earth is as complex as it is beautiful, and this collection is filled with documentaries and educational titles that serve to unravel the complexity while highlighting the beauty. The next best thing to fieldwork, these videos will add context to what is taught in lectures and bring life to what is learned from textbooks.


This collection addresses basics such as effective teaching methods and classroom management as well as best practices for use of technology, application of standards, overcoming the challenges of special needs students, understanding legal and ethical issues, and more.


This growing collection provides coverage of the widespread and interdisciplinary fields of engineering. Documentary films, scholarly presentations, and instructional videos cover chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as bioengineering, computer science, and materials science.

English & Language Arts

With more than 1,300 films, this collection covers the vast expanse of topics found in the English curriculum: Overviews of literary movements. Evolution of the English language. Productions of major plays. Documentaries on the world’s most prominent writers. Instructional titles on the fundamentals of language.

Environmental Sciences

This rich collection features a wealth of documentaries on some of the most pressing issues in environmental science, including climate change, water shortages, overpopulation, industrial disasters, deforestation, pollution, and more.

Family & Consumer Sciences

First aid, nutrition and diet, child care, kitchen and food safety, financial health, safe driving, fashion and interiors, independent living—the broad foundations of this collection provide just a hint at the hundreds of multifaceted titles it contains.


Students will find documentaries, presentations, and instructional titles that bridge social and natural sciences to address the major issues in geography: environmental change; transformation of economy and culture; urbanization; regional or global inequality; natural hazards; and more.

Health & Medicine

Documentaries on the full spectrum of diseases and disorders; titles on human anatomy and physiology; investigations into public health issues; programming on nutrition and wellness — this comprehensive collection of titles covers the wide range of topics relevant to anyone studying health and medicine.


From America to Zimbabwe, from the ancient world to the present day, our collection of thousands of history titles brings to life the time and place your students are studying. This unparalleled collection of documentaries, educational videos, interviews, speeches, and newsreels can be put to work in countless ways.


This collection aims to serve math’s cross-disciplinary nature, both with straightforward video lessons on branches from statistics to calculus, algebra and geometry, as well as programming about applied math in accounting, psychology, construction, and more.

Music & Dance

With equal emphasis on recordings of live performances and documentaries, this collection spans both time and space to cover a wide variety of music and dance from around the world and throughout history. Opera, jazz, and classical. Ballet, modern, and step dancing. It’s all here.

Philosophy & Religion

Ethics and morality. Logic and faith. The meaning of life and the afterlife. This wide-ranging collection covers the fundamental concepts of reality, epistemology, and value as well as the contrasting narratives, rituals, and beliefs of the world’s religions. These videos are certain to enlighten, challenge, and spark discussion.

Physical Science

From the fundamental discoveries that changed history, to the science-fictionesque emerging fields of the present, this collection is filled with videos that highlight the most important topics in physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

Political Science

From the basics of civics, American democracy, and other forms of government, to the major public policy issues of the day—immigration, globalization, national security, privacy — you will have at your fingertips a rich source of documentary and instructional content that adds context to every lesson.


This collection contains reviews of classic studies; overviews of foundational and contemporary theories; case studies of psychological disorders; instructional titles on research methods and statistics; interviews with prominent psychologists; documentaries on topics such as personality, sexuality, aging, happiness, and intelligence.


From poverty, gender inequality, and social justice to crime, prejudice, globalization, and so much more, key subjects in sociology are explored by in-depth documentaries and curriculum-focused instructional videos.

Technology & Society

This collection looks at the history and current state of how technology has changed our lives. Can iPads harm toddlers’ development? Will human workers become obsolete? Are we more “connected” yet also more alone than ever?

World Languages

This collection features language instruction titles for Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish as well as hundreds of supplemental titles on the culture, history, literature, and art of the countries where those languages are spoken. Many presented in the native tongue, often with English subtitles.

Films on Demand: Master Career & Technical Collection

Careers & Job Search

This collection covers all the bases, from the tried and true to the cutting edge, while also providing overviews of career fields across the spectrum and insights into the necessary skills for success on the job.

Family & Consumer Sciences

First aid, nutrition and diet, child care, kitchen and food safety, financial health, safe driving, fashion and interiors, independent living—the broad foundations of this collection provide just a hint at the hundreds of multifaceted titles it contains.

Guidance & Counseling

This collection covers life lessons that aren’t always taught in class, but that can be just as important in preparing for life after graduation: time management and mitigating stress, warning about alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, and other dangers inherent to becoming a young adult.

Technical & Trade Education

The hundreds of titles in this collection will help prepare students interested in vocational trades, including construction, cosmetology, communication, agriculture, applied engineering, and more.

Films on Demand: Individual Video Collections

Allied Health

Help prepare future allied health professionals for practice across a diverse range of health care settings. The videos include titles from trusted producers such as Elsevier, NEVCO, Center for Phlebotomy Education, InJoy Health Education, Classroom Productions, and others.


This collection is designed not only to help nursing students excel in their studies and pass licensure exams, but also to prepare them for long-term job success in an increasingly complex health care system.

Physical Therapy

This collection brings together more than 150 videos that will help physical therapy students learn and practice crucial techniques in ways textbooks alone cannot. These short instructional clips cover a wide range of physical therapy interventions and examinations, from stretching techniques to wrapping a shin splint.


This collection brings a visual component to veterinary students’ lessons, facilitating learning in often subtle ways textbooks alone cannot. Its more than 240 titles will help students gain a strong foundation in animal anatomy, physiology, and behavior while learning basic veterinary procedures and an understanding of the workplace.

World Cinema

The collection shines a light on the history of cinema while also providing a glimpse into the cultures and issues of countries around the world, making it useful beyond film studies departments by bringing value to programs in area studies, political science, history, world languages, and more.

Facts on File Databases

African-American History Online

Features thousands of cross-referenced entries, covering the entire spectrum of African-American history over the past 500 years.

American History Online

Spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history to cover the American experience.

American Indian History Online

Offers fast access to more than 600 Native American groups and over 15,000 years of American Indian culture and history.

Ancient & Medieval History Online

Presents the full scope of world history from prehistory through the 1500s, with special topic centers on key civilizations and regions.

Bloom's Literature Online

Examines great writers, important works, memorable characters, and influential movements and events in world literature.

Curriculum Resources Center

Provides a library of printable teacher-handout material for the middle, high school, and junior college curriculum.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Provides profiles of nearly 3,400 jobs and 94 industries, invaluable advice on career skills, thousands of resource entries, and more!

Health Reference Center

Gives clear and comprehensive information on conditions and diseases, health and wellness, mental health, and the human body.

History Research Center

American History Online, African-American History Online, American-Indian History Online, Ancient & Medieval History Online, and Modern World History Online

Issues & Controversies

Provides exclusive, extensive coverage of hundreds of today's hot topics, with unbiased analysis and rich related resources.

Issues & Controversies in American History

Builds a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped our nation by exploring the key players and the battles they fought.

Modern World History Online

Covers the broad expanse of world history from the mid-15th century to the present, featuring thousands of documents, articles, timelines, images, videos, and maps.

Science Online

Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, diagrams, definitions, biographies, and experiments.

The World Almanac® Online

Offers access to essential statistics on hundreds of topics in a searchable format with a wealth of content not available anywhere else.

Today's Science

Bridges the gap between the science that students learn in the classroom and the discoveries pushing the boundaries of science today.

World Geography & Culture Online

Facilitates the study of countries, U.S. states, places, peoples, and geography concepts and skills through a global approach.

World News Digest

Authoritative world news coverage from 1940 through today: provides information, context, and perspective.

World Religions Online

Explores religion and spirituality in an unbiased manner, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the rituals of today.

Writer's Reference Center

Provides the essential one-stop online reference for writers, with all the tools necessary to write and research effectively.

Facts on File eLearning Modules: Interactive Applications

America at War Online

Provides a clear understanding—through videos, words, and pictures—of the violent confrontations that have shaped U.S. history.

Biomes of the Earth Online

Provides a broad understanding of the Earth’s biodiversity, the factors that influence it, and the future dangers that face the planet.

Energy & the Environment Online

Examines the history, technology, science, and environmental and social implications associated with the production of energy.

Essential Chemistry Online

Describes the fundamental aspects of chemistry through accessible language, original videos, and concrete, real-life examples.

Exploring Career Clusters Online

Covers 16 broad occupational categories, offering information on more than 300 jobs through engaging videos and narrative.

Genes & Diseases Online

Describes what scientists know and what they hope to learn in the future about the mysteries of genetic disease, complete with videos.

Genetics & Evolution Online

Provides up-to-date research on key issues in the field of biology through informative narrative and engaging video and image galleries.

Global Exploration Online

Details the wonders, anxieties, and achievements of explorers throughout world history with engaging text, videos, and maps.

Global Warming Online

Covers the important climatic issues that need to be addressed to understand global warming, from fossil fuels to changing ecosystems.

Great Empires of the Past Online

Narrates the stories of the most important empires in world history, exploring their rise and fall, key events, daily life, and more.

Green Technology Online

Presents an in-depth look at the Earth’s increasing environmental problems and the methods for restoring the environment.

Life in America Online

Offers a fascinating glimpse into the social history of the nation, covering everything from food to pastimes in nine different eras.

Physics in Action Online

Explores the absorbing science of matter and energy, from matter’s smallest to the immense forces that move continents.

The Human Body: How it Works Online

Investigates the systems and process of the human body, from the organ systems to cells, through engaging text and original videos.

The Plant World Online

Explores the most interesting aspects of plant biology, with a focus on the interrelationships between plants and humans.

Top Careers with a Two-Year Degree Online

Covers the many in-demand careers in various industries that require only an associate’s degree, plus tips for job success and financial aid.

Your Government: How it Works Online

Introduces readers to the major branches and key players of the federal government through captivating videos, images, and text.

Infobase eBook Collection

Master Academic eBook Collection

Infobase’s Academic eBook Collection contains more than 1,900 eBooks from the award-winning Facts On File, Ferguson’s, and Bloom’s imprints, and covers a wide range of subjects plus FREE access to the Literary Classics eBook Collection containing the full text of 800+ classic titles.

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