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Core Packages to support general education requirements

Gale Core Packages

LIRN has four choices available from Gale Cengage for your library collection, along with optional sets of add-on subject bundles to customize your subscription to your institution’s specific needs.

ProQuest Core Package

LIRN's ProQuest Core Package features resources from ProQuest Central and provides a rich set of resources for your library collection, along with optional sets of add-on subject bundles to customize your subscription to your institution’s specific needs.

Supplimental resources to support this field of study

American Civil War Online - Package

The American Civil War Online is the most comprehensive series of electronic collections available for research in perhaps the most extensively studied subject in American history. Comprised of a number of highly respected and heavily visited collections, the series includes the following three collections listed below.

American Civil War Research Database

The American Civil War Research Database® contains indexed, searchable information on 4.3 million soldiers and thousands of battles, together with 16,000 photographs, all of the more than 4,600 known regimental rosters, 3,461 regimental chronicles, and 1,010 officer profiles.

American Civil War: Letters and Diaries

Detailed firsthand descriptions of historical characters, glimpses of daily life in the army, anecdotes about key events and personages, and tales of sufferings at home, written for private consumption, provide an immediacy and a richness that are unmatched in public sources.

American History in Video

Featuring dramatic reenactments and engaging analysis from prominent scholars and experts, these documentaries bring history alive for students and give library patrons hundreds of educa onal video tles they can view at home or in the classroom.

Anthropological Fieldwork Online

Anthropological Fieldwork Online brings the fieldwork underpinning the great ethnographies of the early 20th century into the digital world. This fully indexed, primary-source datab ase unfolds the historical development of anthropology from a global perspective including key field notebooks, images, and recordings.

Anthropology Online

Anthropology Online brings together a wide range of published ethnographies, seminal texts, memoirs, contemporary studies and archival material covering human culture and behavior ar ound the world.

Black Studies in Video

Black Studies in Video brings together seminal documentaries, powerful interviews, and previously unavailable archival footage surveying the black experience. It contains 500 hours o f film covering African American history, politics, art and culture, family structure, gender relationships, and social and economic issues.

Black Thought and Culture

Black Thought and Culture is a landmark electronic collection of approximately 100,000 pages of non-fiction writings by major American black leaders—teachers, artists, politicians, r eligious leaders, athletes, war veterans, entertainers, and other figures—covering 250 years of history.

Border and Migration Studies Online

Border and Migration Studies Online helps students and researchers understand today’s world through primary source documents, archives, films, and ephemera related to significant bor der areas and events from the 19th to 21st centuries.

British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries

British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries spans more than 400 years of personal writings, bringing together the voices of women from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The database lets researchers view history in the context of women’s thoughts — their struggles, achievements, passions, pursuits, and desires.

Caribbean Studies in Video: The Banyan Archive

Caribbean Studies in Video features more than 1,100 hours of music, dance, interviews, cultural programming, and more that has been housed in the Banyan Archives in Trinidad & To bago for over forty years.

Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement

Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement is a landmark online collection that fills the gap, with a comprehensive and international set of resources to enrich study in a wide range of disciplines from media studies to philosophy.

Environmental Studies in Video

Environmental Studies in Video is an online collection designed to address the needs of one of the fastest growing academic fields. The collection directly confronts the most compelling questions faced in contemporary society by bringing together seminal documentary films and powerful footage from diverse sources around the globe.

Ethnographic Sound Archives Online

Ethnographic Sound Archives Online brings together 2,000 hours of audio recordings from field expeditions around the world, particularly from the 1960s through the 1980s — the dawn of ethnomusicology as a codified discipline.

Ethnographic Video Online

Alexander Street is the most comprehensive resource for visual anthropology in the world, providing access to over 2,000 hours of film and always growing, from raw field footage to crafted ethnographies and documentaries.

Food Studies Online

Food Studies Online brings together rare and hard-to-find archival content with visual ephemera, text, and video. The importance of the food studies field is felt in many major disciplines. It has social, historical, economic, cultural, religious, and political implications that reach far beyond what is consumed at the dinner table.

Early Encounters in North America

Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures, and the Environment documents the relationships among peoples in North America from 1534 to 1850. The collection focuses on personal accounts and provides unique perspectives including traders, slaves, missionaries, explorers, soldiers, native peoples, and officials, both men and women.

Early Experiences in Australasia

Early Experiences in Australasia: Primary Sources and Personal Narratives 1788–1901 provides a unique and personal view of events in the region from the arrival of the first settlers through to Australian Federation at the close of the 19th century.

Human Right Studies Online

Human Rights Studies Online is a research and learning database providing in one place comprehensive, comparative documentation, analysis, and interpretation of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide.

Images of the American Civil War: Photographs, Posters, and Ephemera

Images of the American Civil War contains 28,000 contemporaneous photographs, including wartime recruiting posters, envelopes, and ephemera. These dramatic images present a historical account of the war—and a view of nineteenth-century America more broadly—from social, military, and political perspectives.

The Gilded Age

Immigration and migration, racism and civil rights, labor and industry, women and universal suffrage, American Indians, and the environment are just a few of the issues that came to the fore during the Gilded Age.

Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazine

Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazines is the definitive online Civil War media resource. The database contains 65,000 pages drawn from 49 periodicals, including 15 campaign newspapers, most of them illustrated — 3,720 issues published from 1860 to 1865.

Images of America: A History of American Life in Images and Texts

Alexander Street and Arcadia Publishing, whose award-winning history books cover thousands of towns and cultural groups in all fifty states, have partnered to create Images of America: A History of American Life in Images and Texts. The collection includes 5,000 individual volumes, with 650,000 pages and more than a million images.

Latin America in Video

Latin America in Video gives instructors, students, and researchers of Latin American studies, Spanish, and Portuguese a comprehensive and unique perspective on the region.

LGBT Studies in Video

This collection features award-winning documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, global comparative experiences, and other topics.

LGBT Thought and Culture

LGBT Thought and Culture is an online resource hosting the key works and archival documentation of LGBT political and social movements throughout the 20th century and into the present day. The collection contains 150,000 pages of rare archival content, including seminal texts, letters, periodicals, speeches, interviews, and ephemera.

Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries

Manuscript Women’s Letters and Diaries from the American Antiquarian Society brings together 100,000 pages of the personal writings of women of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, displayed as high-quality images of the original manuscripts, extensively indexed and online for the first time.

March of Time®

From 1935–1967, American theatergoers and television watchers were witness to Time Inc.’s unique and controversial film series, The March of Time®. Now, for the first time, this series is available in online streaming video in a single, cross-searchable collection designed specifically to meet the needs of researchers, faculty, and students.

North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories

North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories provides a unique and personal view of what it meant to immigrate to America and Canada. With more than 100,000 pages of personal narratives, including letters, diaries, pamphlets, autobiographies, and oral histories, the collection provides a rich source for scholars.

North American Indian Thought and Culture

North American Indian Thought and Culture brings together more than 100,000 pages, many of which are previously unpublished, rare, or hard to find. The project integrates autobiographies, biographies, Indian publications, oral histories, personal writings, photographs, drawings, and audio files for the first time.

North American Women's Letters and Diaries

North American Women’s Letters and Diaries is the largest electronic collection of women’s diaries and correspondence ever assembled. Spanning more than 300 years, it presents the personal experiences of hundreds of women.

Oral History Online

Groups whose stories otherwise might remain unnoticed—the illiterate, common people, minorities, and others who rarely see their stories published—can finally be heard through oral histories.

Romanticism Redefined: Pickering & Chatto and The Wordsworth Circle

Romanticism Redefined brings together 120,000 pages of the Pickering & Chatto catalog online in one place. These highly regarded editions are available and searchable in electronic form here for the first time, allowing scholars to examine the texts in new ways.

The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, 1960 to 1974

Through letters, diaries, memoirs, and oral histories; accounts from official, radical, and alternative organizations; posters, broadsides, pamphlets, advertisements, and rare materials — 125,000 pages of text and 50 hours of video — The Sixties tells the story of the 60s.

Social Theory

Social Theory is an online collection designed to provide comprehensive coverage of major social thinkers together with seminal texts from lesser figures. For many writers, the project represents the first availability of a major scholarly edition of their collected works.

Social Work Online

Social Work Online is a multimedia resource that combines video—compelling documentaries and client demonstrations—with relevant text content to illustrate the complex and challenging realities social work students will face as practitioners.

Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820

Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820 — a supplement to Women and Social Movements, International — explores prominent themes in world history since 1820: conquest, colonization, settlement, resistance, and post-coloniality, as told through women’s voices.

Women and Social Movements in the US, 1600 to 2000

Explore the multiplicity of women’s activism in American public life from Colonial times to the present. Women and Social Movements in the United States is one of the most heavily visited resources for women’s history and women’s studies on the Web, appealing to students and researchers at all levels.

Women and Social Movements, International

Women and Social Movements, International lets you see how women’s social movements shaped many of the events and attitudes that have defined modern life. To the present, women’s international organizations have focused on issues related to peace, poverty, child labor, literacy, disease prevention, and global inequality.

World History in Video

This online collection of streaming video gives faculty, students, and history lovers access to more than 1,750 important, critically acclaimed documentaries from filmmakers worldwide.

Contemporary Issues and Controversies Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: Issues in Family and Community, Issues in Health, Issues in Technology, Issues in the Environment, Issues in the Media, Issues of Crime and Safety, Issues of Economics and Class, Issues of Ethics and Religion, Issues of Race and Ethnicity, Social Activism, Current Politics

Ethnic Studies Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: Ethnic Groups, Multicultural Studies, African American Studies, Minority Studies, Asian American Studies, Prejudice, Stereotyping, Social Change

Food Drink and Nutrition Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: Culinary Arts, Food and Culture, History of Food, Nutrition, Agriculture, Food Tourism, Vegetarianism, Food Politics, Famine

Gender and Womens Studies Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: LGBTQ Studies, Feminism, Marriage, Sexuality, Gender Socialization, Gender History, Gender in the Media, Women's Roles, Parenting, Courtship and Relationships

Socilogy Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: Aging, Animal Studies, Divorce, Environment, Research Methods, Social Psychology, Social Theory, Social Work, Urban Sociology, Work

United States History Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: American History, Military History, Civil War, Civil Rights, American Government, American West, African Americans, Native Americans, American Studies

World History Essentials Collection (addon to CORS)

Themes: World History, Military History, Colonization, Inventors, American History, European History, Latin American History, African History, Asian History, Middle Eastern History, Global History, Revolution, Historians, Political History, Social History

Biography In Context

Biography In Context is built on a foundation of more than 700,000 biographies of more than 500,000 people gathered from more than 170 award-winning Gale reference sources.

Diversity Studies Collection

Diversity Studies Collection explores cultural differences, contributions and influences in the global community. This collection includes more than 2.7 million articles from 150 journals, updated daily.

Fine Arts and Music Collection

Periodical database for serious students of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.

Gale Researcher: Sociology

Students of Sociology gain insights that help them live and work effectively in an ever-changing global society. They learn to talk about the role that the institutions of family, re ligion, education, and culture play in society. They understand how equality, gender, race, age, and a multitude of other aspects of society influence behavior.

Gale Researcher: US History

Gale Researcher covers the colonial era and the American Revolution, and goes on to explore the profound social, cultural, economic, and political developments unleashed by American modernization in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Gale Researcher: Western Civilization

Get the most World History coverage when you subscribe to both World History and Western Civilization. Aligns to Western Civilization and European portions of World History courses.

Gale Researcher: World History

Gale Researcher highlights key figures alongside the cultural, scientific, political, and economic movements that led to the increased global interaction of nations and peoples; and provides a chronological account that focuses on how these interactions manifested themselves through conflict and cooperation among nations.

Gender Studies Collection

Gender Studies Collection provides balanced coverage of this significant aspect of culture and society. The database offers access to scholarly journals and magazines covering topics including gender studies, family and marital issues, and more.

Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context focuses on broad issues, such as war, genocide, terrorism, human rights, poverty, famine, globalization, world trade, nuclear proliferation, and global warming, as well as more specific events and topics in the news that are related to these broader issues.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Opposing Viewpoints In Context delivers a range of perspectives on important issues. Users find a remarkable compilation of proven reference content — including the award-winning Opposing Viewpoints series from Greenhaven Press — integrated with the best multimedia available today.

U.S. History In Context

U.S. History In Context delivers the best titles from Macmillan, Scribner, and other world-class sources. Students will find comprehensive coverage of the most-studied topics, from the arrival of Vikings in North America 1,000 years ago to Vietnam, Watergate, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

War and Terrorism Collection

Researchers accessing the more than 1.7 million articles in the War and Terrorism Collection will gain valuable insight into conflicts and their causes, impact, and perception on a global scale. This collection is comprised of more than 200 subject-appropriate, full-text periodicals that are updated daily.

World History In Context

World History In Context reaches back nearly 5,000 years to chronicle the rise and fall of cultures and societies across all continents and eras. Rare primary sources combine with reliable references to put content into context for every learner.

African-American History Online

Features thousands of cross-referenced entries, covering the entire spectrum of African-American history over the past 500 years.

American History Online

Spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history to cover the American experience.

American Indian History Online

Offers fast access to more than 600 Native American groups and over 15,000 years of American Indian culture and history.

Ancient & Medieval History Online

Presents the full scope of world history from prehistory through the 1500s, with special topic centers on key civilizations and regions.


From America to Zimbabwe, from the ancient world to the present day, our collection of thousands of history titles brings to life the time and place your students are studying. This unparalleled collection of documentaries, educational videos, interviews, speeches, and newsreels can be put to work in countless ways.

History Research Center

American History Online, African-American History Online, American-Indian History Online, Ancient & Medieval History Online, and Modern World History Online

Issues & Controversies in American History

Builds a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped our nation by exploring the key players and the battles they fought.

Modern World History Online

Covers the broad expanse of world history from the mid-15th century to the present, featuring thousands of documents, articles, timelines, images, videos, and maps.


From poverty, gender inequality, and social justice to crime, prejudice, globalization, and so much more, key subjects in sociology are explored by in-depth documentaries and curriculum-focused instructional videos.

NBC Learn Higher Ed

NBC Learn is a rich, dynamic, and innovative resource that provides thousands of historic news reports, current events stories, original content, primary source documents, and other digital media specifically designed to help teach and engage students of all levels and abilities.

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